• Manu Sasidharan

Mind the risk for resilient future transport networks

Read the latest Smart Infrastructure Blog, written by Dr Manu Sasidharan, calling for transport infrastructure asset management to address risk and resilience.

Titled ‘Mind the risk for resilient future transport networks’, the blog sets out challenges to transport infrastructure, including the effects of climate change, to make the case  for transport network asset management to adopt innovative methods that can continuously monitor assets to provide rapid and reliable information to decision-makers.

Read the blog here

“An essential aspect of asset management is the quantification of the likelihood and consequence of man-made and natural threats to the transportation infrastructure. Having reliable data to monitor and predict these events accurately and regularly is also critical to formulating an effective infrastructure asset management policy.”

The informative and thought-provoking monthly blogs are written by members of the CSIC team, partners and industry experts to showcase opinions and ideas from the forefront of smart infrastructure and construction. 

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